Sunday, May 31, 2015

8 Lies and A Truth

I keep seeing the silliest things posted by people in my social media streams. So, at the risk of perpetuating these ridiculous ideas, here are 8 lies and one truth: 

1. Some Americans object to flying the US flag: FALSE

This is either BS or an isolated episode of idiocy
The US flag is not banned in the US.  Anywhere.  Americans love the US flag and have no objections to flying it anywhere, anytime. We adore the flag.  Check out our Facebook timelines on Flag day, Veteran's day, Memorial day, Independence day etc.  Also, HOA's are usually older people who really, really love the flag.

2. School children are no longer allowed say the pledge: FALSE

This is probably not your child, but if it is, you have a cool child.

American school children still say the pledge in school all across America. If you think they don't - at the school down the street from you for example, call them. I had to do this to prove it to my meme-gullible 12 year old daughter last year. Not only is the pledge said in schools, it's said at all kinds of events, from sports to award ceremonies to luncheons. Now, I have never heard it said in Arabic, but that would be pretty cool too. 

3. People do not support the troops: FALSE

It's not so much this picture that is misleading as it is all the stupid comments on it.  The insinuation is that people  don't respect the sacrifice our troops make.  I'm fairly certain that the American people overwhelmingly support the troops. On the other hand, disagreeing with a decision to go to war, or expressing a lack of faith in the President in any way has absolutely no relationship to supporting the troops.  Also, the average American supports the troops far more than lawmakers do if cuts to the VA are any indication.  Here is a funny video of Jimmy Dore on the troops.

4. Someone's trying to take all the guns away: FALSE
Or lengthen his penis

Ever since I read and then watched,  "Johnny Tremain" as a young flag-waving, pledge-saying elementary school child who still turned into a Democrat, I have understood the value of a militia.  But, I am unable to find any legislation anywhere that advocates the taking away of all guns from Americans.  This is pure histrionic, idiotic nonsense.  Anyone who maintains this position is either completely uninformed, or just trying to make trouble.  Any sensible American I have talked who is in no way connected to the selling and/or purchase of guns, is all in favor of sensible gun control that keeps people safe, like simple background checks.

5. People buy drugs with public assistance:  FALSE


The cost of drug testing everyone on welfare would be astronomical. I cant believe that anyone is stupid enough to complain about the cost of welfare programs and then advocate to increase the cost of the programs by drug testing people.  The few states that have tried this have cost taxpayers way more money than they saved by catching a tiny, infinitesimal fraction of people testing positive. 

6.  Babies are being aborted:  FALSE

This picture is FAKE
One of the most offensive images I personally have ever seen is the one of the supposed aborted 20 week old fetus at right. I lost a baby at 20 weeks and I can assure you that my baby did not look like this, and it is hurtful to me to pretend this is realistic.  But what is even more hurtful to me about this whole situation is the thousands of youth who need help today.  For example, there are half a million kids in foster care.  I wish the pro-life protestors would all put down their signs and get involved in the life of an actual at risk child.

7.  There is a War on Christmas: FALSE

Whoever thought this up has a persecution complex

The idea that Christmas is in any kind of jeopardy is kind of hilarious except when I see awful images like this one.  The idea that a holiday or religious celebration is in any way comparable to war is just sick and sad. Rest assured, Christmas is as pervasive as the American flag, only more so.  You absolutely cannot escape Christmas if you live in the US. Ditto for the Baby Jesus and nativity scenes. Everywhere. 

8. Obama has ruined your life - FALSE

Chances are that nothing that Obama has done has directly affected your life, unless you were previously un-insurable and got health care as a result of the Affordable Care Act, in which case, Yay, you!  At a recent happy hour a group of my friends were all bitching about how Obama is the root of all evil but no one could provide me with any concrete examples.  If you really want to see who is actually ruining your life, check out an appropriations bill in your state or a city budget. 

9.  You Can't Fix Stupid:  TRUE

No explanation necessary.