Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Blog Update

I fear that I won't be blogging very much anymore because the Blogger app on my phone is longer no longer supported. Which means it crashes every time I try to use it and there's no update. I've tried to find out if it's ever going to be updated in the future, but my inquiries have mostly been met with radio silence. Over the past three years, about 95% of the 99 blog posts I've published have been created through this app. I don't have a lot of time to blog but the handy phone app made creating posts accessible in my spare time. I once wrote a whole post waiting for my oil to be changed, and I worked on countless other posts in airports and waiting in line at stores. I half-heartedly looked into finding another vehicle for my blog but it doesn't look very easy to port over 99 posts to Wordpress or Medium, and I have less time for that than writing. My daughter Lacey recently revealed that she has her own website, so maybe she will help me create a mobile friendly webpage for my blog. I've got a draft post about how my life is a musical when the children are around to finish.