Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Charming Madonna Inn

My sister, Ali and daughter, Lacey in Sept 2014 when we first saw the Madonna Inn
Located right off on the 101 halfway between Los Angeles and San Fransisco, the Madonna Inn is my new favorite place. Two years ago on a quick trip to California to pick up my daughter, my sister and I were compelled to stop in at the Inn for a drink one night intrigued by the lights and the layout of the place. We were utterly charmed. The ballroom off the "Silver Lounge" where we had a drink was filled with swing dancing seniors. The decor was opulent and exaggerated. The major color scheme was pink and gold. Perusing one of the gift shops we discovered that all 110 rooms had different themes. We vowed to come back and stay in one of them. Last week we did. Here's that story in pictures.

Also, Click to check out the pictures of all the rooms.  
The first glimpse of the Inn as you drive in from the 101
The main building where registration happens
The infamous sign
Ali and my daughters on the stairs
Ariel snapping on the stairs - it's hard to stop taking pictures
It's in the middle of wine country - bonus!
The carpet, the rock fireplace, it's so awesome
There are stained glass windows all over the Inn
More stairs, flanked by cherubs, with more of that carpet
Entering the Silver Lounge
Main lobby hallway
The Gold Rush Steakhouse
The Copper cafe Pastry & Coffee House
The Silver Lounge
Silver Lounge Bar
Silver Lounge another view
Stone fireplace in the lobby
This might be the owners...

Wine tasting everyday
Me and the girls
Ali on the stairs
The Steakhouse
The Gold Rush Steakhouse is really striking
The Copper Cafe where we had breakfast
The Cafe counter
The Cafe booths and wall murals
Exterior walls
One of the buildings

The Secret Garden - lots of weddings here

The building where our room was and the spa/pool area above
Our suite
The Imperial Family Suite
Green and gold
Ali in our suite
Our suite
The dressing table
Suite view

The Secret Garden
Going up towards the spa
Charming Architecture
View from the pool
Another hill view from the pool/spa area
The pool; colorful
The gazebo by the waterfall at the pool
Ali with her umbrella drink form the pool bar
View of the pool area from below
In the gazebo
One of the gilt mirrors in the Imperial Family suite
Me in the Secret Garden
Ali's birthday dinner in the Gold Rush Steakhouse on the 4th of July
The kids call these chalice-goblets (choblets)
Dressing for dinner in the suite

The famous pink champagne cake
Off to the spa for massages
The Inn at night

Copper Cafe
Wine bar in one of the gift shops
Ariel in the spa relaxation room
Ali relaxing
Me poolside, post massage
The pool rock waterfall

The dance floor
The Madonna Inn is in San Luis Obispo but our trip took us from Paso Robles in the north to Solvang south
The big picture
There were flowers everywhere - and 60-80 temps

Pool bar drinks
The hot tub on the 4th
The pool bar

Ali with a post card of the famous men's bathroom
The preceding are pics from 2016, the following are from the 2014 visit.
The Inn at dusk

the dance floor and band

Silver Lounge bar

Event space

Wine for sale and tasting

Gift shop

Post  cards of the 110 guest rooms

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