Friday, May 13, 2016

Deadly Force

Last night was the final class in my FBI Citizen's Academy. It was an action packed evening with bomb techs, gadget makers, funny money, lock picking, infrared cameras, the gun vault and simulated scenes of when to use or not use deadly force. I gained a whole new perspective on the use of deadly force.

This helpful USA Today pic is exactly what it looked like for us
We sat in a dark room in front of a huge screen where several life-size demonstations of take-downs and shoot-outs played out right in front of us. During the first scenario the volunteer academy participant was very cautious and would have been killed. By the 4th scenario we had shot and killed a 14 year old mentally handicapped boy. It was so nerve wracking that we would have shot anything at that point. I'm not really into guns. The prior weekend I was a no-show for the popular Range Day during which everyone gets to shoot. I have zero desire to shoot a gun*. So I didn't volunteer for the simulation either, but I had a front row seat for each demo. It was like a video game (which I also have very little experience with), but your imagination generates enough adrenaline and anxiety for you to get a tiny idea of what it must be like in real life. And you judge less. 

I couldn't help thinking about all the media reports about deadly force. Who are they to judge? They're behind a desk or a microphone, not in front of a gun, or a perp. I feel certain that my thought processes will be very different the next time I hear about a law enforcement incident involving deadly force. 

I really enjoyed the FBI Citizen's Academy. It was put on by a great group of people. Next week is the graduation dinner at the Plaza Club where I won't be banned from real time social media activity so look out!

If anyone is interested in being nominated to participate in a future class, let me know. Or visit this link

*My dad was a US Marshall so make no mistake, I have had ample opportunity to shoot a gun. 

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