Sunday, January 17, 2016

What is this BIG GIG thing?

Everyone's talking about The BIG GIG, but not everyone is sure exactly what it is.
Here's the Scoop!

What is The BIG GIG?
If you participated in The Big Give, you're going to want to see The BIG GIG!  It's an SNL-type stage production of skits that pokes good-natured fun at the crazy things that are unique to the nonprofit world. The format of the event is similar to the Gridiron production put on by the San Antonio journalism community and Cornyation, a Fiesta event.

Watch the Promo:  The theme for the 2016 BIG GIG is "The Nonprofit Hunger Games."   The promo was developed pro-bono by Key Ideas to promote the event.

Who is The BIG GIG for?
Anyone connected to the nonprofit world.  The event itself is organized by the Advocacy Committee members of the Nonprofit Council in San Antonio, Texas (see below for a list of members).  There are 277 tickets available so anyone can attend and buy a $20 ticket.  Anyone can also sign up to organize a skit or participate in someone else's skit.  For example, staff at my agency and I have developed our own skit and are participating in a few others.  There are skit parts currently available. Call Denise at 210-382-8671 to be in a skit.   

When is The BIG GIG?
March 5th, 2016 at 7 pm at the Josephine Theater, 339 W. Josephine, San Antonio, TX 78212.  

How can I get tickets to The BIG GIG?  You can visit the Nonprofit Council website to purchase tickets or sign up for a skit. Almost half the tickets are sold as of this post's date, so hurry! 

What is a skit like for The BIG GIG? 
As you will see in the promo link above, the event does not require skit participants to be actors.  We practiced our skit at this year's Issue in Profile and read straight from our scripts - which we plan to do at the BIG GIG itself.  The goal of each skit is to be funny or informative around nonprofit issues, or both.  No acting required. Many of the skits submitted so far draw heavily on the posts of the Nonprofit With Balls Blog (with permission).   

Skit line up so far:
  • Baking a Nonprofit Cake and Restricting It Too by Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Our Grant is Better Than Your Grant by The San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind
  • The Big Give Press Conference by Roy Maas Youth Alternatives
  • Nonprofit and Afraid featuring BIG GIG hosts Renee "Effie Trinket" Garvens and Scott "Caesar Flickerman" McAninch and 2 surprise for-profit contestants
  • Dancing With Your Program Officers by 6 nonprofit execs and 6 program officers
  •  “The Article"  A group of non-profit leaders react to the recent News Article  that lists CEO salaries and overhead percentages
  • Who's Calling? a skit about wearing many different nonprofit hats by Spina Bifida Texas 
  •  The Nonprofit Hunger Games:  Where the Odds are Seldom in our Favor"- by CAMP
  • Musical numbers, videos and more. 

How do I vote for my favorite nonprofit? 
Immediately following the final skit attendees will have the opportunity to cast final votes for their favorite skits, “actors” and agencies.  Votes can be purchased for $1.00 before the event begins and during intermission.   There is no limit to the number of votes that can be purchased.  Friends and family at home will also be able to vote through a link from the council website. A portion of the vote proceeds will go to the winning agency. 

Why is the BIG GIG happening? 
This event is the brain child of the executive committee of the Nonprofit Council and was generated during its strategic planing process in 2015.  The mission of the Nonprofit Council is to  form one strong collective voice for those it serves through advocacy, training, resource sharing and the strength and extensive knowledge of its combined membership. The BIG GIG will fund the work of the council's Advocacy Committee, the purpose of which is to highlight the constraints and limits on nonprofits today that prevent them from moving the needle on complex social issues.  Committee members are continually creating tools and resources for nonprofit agencies to use to inform their supporters and donors about these limits and constraints. Visit the council advocacy page to see the resources developed by the committee to date, including the I Am Overhead video.   Funds raised through The BIG GIG are planned to be used for a new video on fundraising available in the fall of 2016.   

Your 2016 BIG GIG hosts:  Caesar and Effie

The Nonprofit Council Advocacy Committee:

Executive Director, Nonprofit Council:  Scott McAninch,
Chair, Advocacy Committee:  Denise Barkhurst, Big Brothers Big Sisters

Chuck Altmiller, Big Brothers Big Sisters
John Burnam, Burnam Gray
Cadence Corbin, San Antonio Area Foundation
Maureen DeFelice, Daedalion Foundation
Renee Garvens, Roy Maas Youth Alternatives
Mike Gillam, San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind
Anne Krause, Hemisphere Conservancy
Charlotte Anne Lucas, NOWCast
Carlos Maestos, Key Ideas
Terry Maudlin, The Down Syndrome Association
Kathy McNaughton, Masters Leadership Program
Susan Osborne, Children’s Association for Maximum Potential
Nora Oyler, Spina Bifida Texas
Dawn White, Christian Assistance Ministries

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