Friday, January 3, 2014

5 Joint New Year's Resolutions with my 11 year old

My 11-year old, Zoe, and I have made our joint New Year's resolutions. We decided that we will double our chances of success if we support each other in mutually beneficial goals.  This way we also have someone else to blame when things get off track.  Just kidding.  (Maybe).     

One of our many Instagramed walks in 2013
First, we vow to take more walks. We absolutely love to go for walks in the evening so we've promised to make more time for this. It's a great opportunity to talk and tell stories and play games together. Some of our favorite memories from 2013 are from our many walks. And we find great things to take pictures of for Instagram on our walks.  

Second, we promise to read more together, whether that is reading separate books in the same room, reading at bedtime or reading anything to each other anytime. We both read a lot of  stuff but we want to do more sharing. Zoe is reading "The Land of Stories" right now and I'm reading more British historical fiction. 

Third, we want to go to bed on time. We both LOVE our sleep and we have decided that we let too many things interfere with getting to bed. We are gonna change that in 2014! #sleepisAwesome

Zoe and her violin in 2013
Fourth, Zoe wants to practice more violin, and I love to listen to her practice. It's amazing how much progress she has made in the last 2 years. I remember the grating sounds of her first attempts and the difference now is amazing. Practice makes perfect! 

Fifth, we promise to remind ourselves every day of how good life is. Zoe used to have a "Life is Good (PB&J)" shirt when she was in Kinder and she said she's never forgot how it made her think about how good her life was every time she wore it. She said we need to remind ourselves everyday "since that shirt got too small."  :) I think I'm gonna have to find her a new shirt. But thinking about this every day is also a really great resolution. 

Zoe just read a draft of this post (she proofs most of my posts) and said that "if we could read a book, while taking a walk, while playing the violin, before bed - life would be very good, indeed."

Lacey, the 20 year old, was invited to participate in this endeavor and she said her resolution is to strive to communicate better with me, and keep me more updated. I'm holding her to it. 

Bring it, 2014


  1. Thanx again for another joyful rant! I want to join you both in being resolute about number five. Keep writing!

  2. One of my 2013 resolutions was to start a new blog, and I did, and I managed 24 posts in 6 months. :)