Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Problem with Pumpkins

Trophies my kids have won in Halloween costume contests
There's a general consensus among the people who know me that I've got a problem with Halloween decor. I've got tons of stuff, and I can't stop buying more.  Every year I say I'm going to stop.

Every time my senses are assaulted by large quantities of orange in Target or Walgreens or Cracker Barrel (oh, Cracker Barrel) I swear I'll keep myself under control.  But I don't. 

This scene makes my heart beat a little faster than normal....

Be still my heart....
I've enlisted my children as intervention agents, but they have no real power over me.

My house is large, but it gets pretty well crowded with stuff when the time comes to decorate. There's really no more room. I'm thinking about removing large items, like maybe furniture.

I take "paid days off" from work to decorate.  It takes about 4 days and I like to get it all done by October 1.  It's a lot of work and I want it all out as long as possible to get the most enjoyment out of it!

There are about 15 boxes in my storage room.  I hate bringing them all downstairs (except for the exercise I get doing it) but I adore unpacking everything and decorating.

Every year I find something I forgot I had.  A couple of years I've discovered that I just bought something that I already had.  Oops.   

It's not all my fault though.  People tell me I'm out of control with the Halloween stuff, and then they buy me presents!  Here is one of my favorites.  :)
Will you have some red or white? 
This year I have to go to Ohio the week before the first weekend in October, and I'm having hardwood floors installed in my library loft just before that, so I'm going to be a little behind in getting everything ready by my annual Halloween party on October 18th.  I'm really excited this year because I've got out of town guests planning to fly in just for the party!  I'm getting quite the reputation. 

Expect a blog post soon on my favorite decorations, and my favorite kid's costumes, and other favorite pictures like the one below.
I can't believe my cat is not black. 
I guess that's enough for now, though!  Boo!