Friday, September 11, 2015

Who Mentored You?

Think back to your childhood.

Who Mentored You?

Big Brothers Big Sisters is betting that you have stories to tell.  Maybe it was a parent or grandparent who helped you navigate the challenges of childhood.  Maybe you had a teacher or counselor who was instrumental in your development.  Or a coach, or someone in your church, or your Boy Scout or Girl Scout Leader was there when you needed them.  Or your Big Brother or Big Sister.  Maybe you had multiple mentors.  No one does it alone.

In celebration of Big Brothers Big Sisters' move to its new South Texas Mentoring Resource Center in early 2016, we are hoping that you, and everyone in our community, will celebrate with us to identify and commemorate the people who helped you get where you are today.   

It's easy, just post a few words, a picture or a video to a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #WhoMentoredYou.  If you are friend-ed to or follow Big Brothers Big Sisters, you can also tag us @BBBSST on Twitter or Instagram, or on Facebook where we are BigBrothers BigSisters.   If you're not on any of those social media sites, post anyway to honor your mentor and use #WhoMentoredYou.  We'll be looking for stories everywhere.

Personally, I have so many mentors to honor.  I wrote a blog post Allies in Life in 2013 in recognition of everyone who was instrumental in helping me graduate from college.  The first person in that narrative, other than relatives, who was instrumental in my academic development was my 5th grade English teacher.  Here is my post to him:

I will never forget my 5th grade English teacher.  The picture below is of a paper I have kept for almost 40 years.  Any mentor who has ever wondered if  he or she could ever have an impact on a kid, take note of the the 4 words written by my teacher at the end of my story that affected me so deeply:  'This is the best!"  

The first page had another note at the top of the page:  "See Me!" it said, and I thought I was in trouble for using my mom's steno pad to do my homework on (I never had "real" notebook paper).  After class I went up to him and he flipped to the back of the story and told me that my story had "wonderful dialog" and "extraordinary punctuation" and that I was "definitely a writer!" Oh joy, oh happiness, and what confidence this gave me! 

Your story does not have to be as long as mine, or it can be longer.  We just hope you'll share it.   So, to recap: 
Preserve the legacy of your mentor by writing a few sentences, post a picture or video from then or now of you and the person who you couldn't have made it without.

2.  POST THOSE STORIES on your favorite social media site using #WhoMentoredYou

3.  WE WILL COLLECT YOUR STORIES and show them at the Grand Opening of our new home!  Each mentor's story, photo, video will be included in a commemorative video and anyone who posts a story about his or her mentor will be invited to our opening night party!

For more information call 210-225-6322 or email or visit this #WhoMentoredYou link on our website.   

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